Friday, 24 September 2010

Following the presentation of 'What is Good'

Following the early crits of this term, and learning the new direction of the 'What is Good' brief, I have decided to focus on my research on my idol/hero Stephen Christian.
The people I presented my holiday research to gave me the feedback that made me come to this decision, they said that that was the aspect of my research that I seemed the most passionate about and had researched the most around.
I then had some feedback that it could be interesting to broaden the research, not just focusing on who my hero is, but focusing on different meanings of the word 'hero'. Looking into different muses, people who give others inspiration in their work and lives, and even looking into super-heroes and the more immature view of the word and then see where that leads me.

I need to think about this in a Graphic Design point of view... I need to get back into the swing of last year, blogging everything important I come across and think about...

What is good about my chosen topic?
Is it all good? Are there bad aspects?
What I want to say?
Who I want to say it to?
The tone of voice
Am I looking to inform? to educate? to promote?

My main aim is to convince people that my chosen topic, is, in fact, good. Over the next few weeks I want to research deeply into the topic, look at the pros and cons. Get primary/secondary research, look into already published articles and true stories surrounding different people's views on heros. Looking at a broad range of opinions, and discover what is a true hero, if there even is such a thing.

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