Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ski/Snowboard clothing brands

The audience for Supremebeing is what I need to get into my head before I start to design. Will the brand name appear clearly on every item of clothing, or will the design speak for itself. 
Some brands, for example Superdry and Ralph Lauren, both brands associated with sport, have somewhat tarnished their image by plastering the logo and brand name all over every product they release. They were initially started as sport's clothes brands, and have both now just become fashion statements for 'chavs' to show they have a bit of money. 
This has boosted sales for both brands, I need to decide whether I am going to put Supremebeing in the same bracket or make it a little more up-market and stick to it's original target audience, making the designs speak for themselves?

Superdry Products

Ralph Lauren products

These are some clear examples of the branding being splashed all over the products. 

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