Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Interesting Book design - More examples of Paul Johnson's work

'Sailing' - "180-degree pop-up sailing boat inspired by medieval illumination".
'The Quest' - "Is the Princess happy or not? She's not quite sure, Castle with hinged door revealing a pop-up accordion - presented in a handmade interlocking paper case".
'Merman' - inspired by a lonely heart's advert stating "Kind and educated merman seeks mermaid for a lasting relationships, my friends say that I am handsome". It is hand-engineered and assembled and is presented in a paper cover.
'Heaven On Earth' - "A 90-degree pop-up book inspired by devotional prayer-books".
'Goldilocks and the three little pigs' - "A pop-up satyre on the Goldilocks story"
'The Book Chair" - "A small chair, constructed by unfolding a tab into a slot, holds on its seat a tiny book - A chair book"

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