Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Interesting Book Design - White Heat

As soon as Amber talked to us about interesting book designs, I immediately thought of one of the favourite christmas presents my grandmother gave me as a kid. I remember looking through the pages wondering what would come next.
There were pop-ups, masks to pull out and put together, different textures to feel and guess what they were, a mobile to build and points on which you scratch to uncover different smells... even a boardgame complete with a spinner and pieces. Even the cover is padded.

This is an interesting way of getting kids to interact and work in the shape of a diary... makes the learning process a lot more interesting and exciting. I remember reading it and re-reading it... careful not to spoil it in any way.

It was designed by 'White Heat' and I just found it on a design website, apparently other people appreciate what a good bit of simple design it is...

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