Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Collaboration - Crosses

So for my collaboration with Steven Elmes and Jonathan Fee (Digital Games and Animation) I have been asked to design firstly some picket signs for a protest that they are staging in the film '2012' that they are producing. 
They have asked specifically for religious slogans surrounding the apocalypse... for example "the end is nigh" and "christ cannot save you now". They have also asked me to create a contemporary crucifix, his words were "down with the kids rather than typically Protestant or Catholic".

I have looked into different imagery that I could use, my first thoughts were simple cross images, that seem to crop up a lot recently in fashion. It seems that Religion is becoming fashionable...

I have also started to look into the "hipster" trend of the triangle symbol. It appears to be "cool" to have triangle motifs on everything you own these days. 

A few examples... 

It seems that a combination of the two will be an appropriate resolution for this part of the brief. I will try out a range of different combinations and pitch all of them to Steve and Jon and see which they prefer at the end. 

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