Monday, 18 April 2011

Example of interesting functions & purposes - BRANDING & LOGO DESIGN

I saw this logo on an old brief we were given this week. It was DLKW's logo before they merged with LOWE & Partners. 
I thought it was brilliant. One of the more clever logo's I have seen. And it is so incredibly simple. 
I am just thinking about a designer, sitting there, just playing around with the type and thinking "WOW". 
The different colours give it a playful feel, the sans serif type both makes the design and also makes the company look approachable. 
The clever face adds to that feel, with the wink made out of the 'K'.
A clever logo makes people think that you have the right kind of brain to create clever adverts. Lateral thinking is everything. 
This comes in the time when I am trying to come up with my own logo. Really making me think. 

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