Monday, 18 April 2011

Example of interesting functions & purposes - BOOK COVER DESIGN

I have always been interested in designing book covers. Essentially a personal interpretation of a piece of writing. These are some of my favourite books, and what initially drew me to the series was the covers, especially the hardback editions. I cannot think of anything more exciting than the release of a new one of these, sitting in my hands, wonderfully heavy, gold embossed typography over a simple photograph... allowing the reader to make their own assumptions of the book before even starting it. 
I immediately know what the main theme of the book will be just by one subtle hint on the cover. 

You can tell the novel is going to be full of sex and glamour from the content of the photograph, the shots against a white background add to the simplicity and class of the cover, as does the clear, serifed type for the title, and shining, foil covered sans-serif for her name. 

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