Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Gig Posters - Calexico

Designer - The Small Stakes

Now this is a brilliant piece of typography. Stunning, in fact.
The important text (the name of the band) stands out. This will attract the audience's eye. It is decorative type, but both readable and legible and beautifully intricate. 
I am seeing this with a lot of gig posters... they really do both grab the eye, and seem to be created to 'look pretty'... aesthetically pleasing you may say. Making them collectible. Things that people will take from the walls - or even buy, to keep forever and put up in their own houses... adding a new function to the poster... this will then remind them of the band whenever they see it. 
There is a clear higherarchy of type... the most important being the name of the band... and then the name of the support and the place and time in green... again, raising that out of the page by using colour. 
What a lovely piece of work.

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