Wednesday, 6 October 2010

General idea on 'hero'

If asked what a hero was... mine and most other's minds immediately rush to your traditional super-hero... such as Batman, Superman, Spider-man etc... I guess this is the world we live in today, where most films include one such hero.
You spend your childhood wishing you were a power ranger, or some other sort of fictional character who are built to "fight the bad guys". Traditionally dressed in a skin-tight suit, with a mask and their underwear on outside their costumes.
In my opinion, the ambition from a young age to be 'the good guy', the selfless hero who spends their life trying to save other people cannot be a bad thing, although the 'heroes' we hear about are a bit beyond any living man. They are the depiction of un-beatable, you never hear of batman dying on the end of a joker plan. Does this give young people the disillusionment of being invincible... or even immortal?
But what interests me is different portrayals of what the word 'hero' means. The difference between this child-like image of an immortal being, and an adult, who has seen a lot more of the world and its betrayal. The difference between a child's 'baddy' and an adult 'baddy'.
How does the view on such things change with age, ethnicity, religious beliefs... the difference between the innocent and the experienced (william blake). This is what I intend to delve into next.

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