Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Results - "what, in your opinion is a hero"

I put out a survey to ask who/what people saw as a hero... who their personal heroes were, and what their own definition of the word was... these are some of the results.

Ken - 21 years old.
"A hero isn't someone who has special powers
A hero isn't someone who wears a mask
A hero isn't someone who wears their underwear outside their trousers

A hero is someone who acts without thought for themselves,
A hero is someone who is always there for anyone when they need them to be
A hero is someone that would risk their lives for another human"

Jude - 9 years old.
"He can fly, invincible, never dies, super strong and always wins"

Rebecca - 37 years old.
"A hero to me is a someone who has dedicated their entire life to helping others, or it could be a teacher who has changed someone's life and inspired them"

Stephen - 60 years old.
"James Bond"

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