Monday, 18 October 2010


This was an advertising campaign that I remember from a tube in London from years ago. It had a deep impact on my ideas for this project...
I thought it was a really clever use of lyrics to add impact to a message. It is advertising volunteer places in the metropolitan police force. Taking time out of someone's usual work schedule to volunteer for the police.
The tag line "last night a DJ saved my life" is a very well known lyric which makes people think "why is this up on this poster?" and then it clicks.
I want to use this as inspiration for my project, maybe build on it and use lyrics based on heroes and heroic acts which make people think and adds to my message.

To add depth to the advert, when it gets dark and the image lights up... a shadow image shows up over the initial poster to symbolise police brutality and enforces the need for these volunteers.

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