Thursday, 19 May 2011

CD, 7" and 12" cases

For some primary research I went down to a record store and looked at the different sleeves and packaging for all 3 formats. 
I bought the 3 that I liked the most so that I can take them apart and use the nets for my own designs. 

It has also helped me see the content that I need to include on mine... barcodes, content etc...

CD packaging.

This one was interesting but I feel that there is too many pages full of useless content. I do not like the plastic CD holder either.

 This was the one I bought and the net I am going to use. I like the slot that has been cut into the actual design to make space for the disk. There is also room for playing with layers on the different plains of the packaging.

This was the most interesting. It needs no sticking down and the actual packaging itself really works to get it's point across. 

This one has been screen printed, which I won't have time to do. But it has come out beautifully. 

12" packaging. 
I did not want to just have a sleeve for this one so picked a design which I could play around with different designs on the separate pages. 

Now to get on with drawing the nets and then reproducing them in illustrator. 

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