Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Life Lines- Palm Reading

I have been researching life-lines on hands as this is a very good way of visually representing an issue which has come up in one of the songs. Now, Voyager mentions the difference in the singer's and his girlfriend's lifelines. His family have a history of short life spans... the opposite to his girlfriend's. It also mentions the 15 years that she will be a widow. 
This is a very dark subject and I want to visually represent that. 
I thought it might be a good idea to join up two life-lines and inter-twine them throughout the page... and then one ends abruptly leaving only the hand of a skeleton. 
This is my research into old folklore and different theories about life-lines and palm reading. 

This bottom image is a propaganda poster for the Navy and has a very interesting concept behind it, one which I was thinking of putting into my own work. 

Basic Life Line Meanings:
Long Line: Good Health, Vitality
Short Line: It is a myth that a short life line means a short life. If the life line is short, look closer to other signs (broken, deep, faint, etc.)
Deep Line: Smooth Life
Faint Line: Low energy
Broken Line: Struggles, Losses
Chained Line: Multiple Walks (meaning that your life path is multifold)
Forked Line: Various meanings depending on fork placement on the hand. Generally forks indicate diversion or life change. Although they can also mean scattered or split energies.
Double Line: Partner with Soul Mate, or there is someone near (friend or family member) that serves as a guardian or caretaker.
Absent Line: Anxious, Nervous

What the Life Line On Your Palm Is Telling You

Your life line reveals the strength of your vitality and gives a strong indication of how long you will live. It is the most important line on your palm and everyone’s hand has a life line.

It the easiest to recognize and all other lines are read in relation to this major line. Usually it swoops down to about an inch above the base of the palm which indicates a life expectancy of about 70 years for women and 60-65 for men. 
The line begins from the edge of the palm between the index finger and the thumb, extends across the middle of the palm and wraps around the base of the thumb.

Markings on the line indicate significant events, travels, trials and tribulations as well as triumphs and successes. When marks appear on your life line - be they islands, circles, crosses or tributary lines - they spell momentous events that leave their mark on your mind and on your life. 
From the life line, you can read of the potential of such events happening and depending on where they appear on the line, you can even predict when such tumultuous and momentous events might occur.

There are some really interesting ideas here which I could incorporate well into my design for the Now, Voyager poster.

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