Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bus Advertising - On the vehicle


The most premium traditional bus format which has become synonymous with the medium and is instantly recognisable on the high street.


Reach above the cluttered high street to demand pedestrians’ attention and deliver your message. Help drive spontaneous purchase and increase awareness in your brand’s sphere of influence.


Aptly coined the community notice board, Streetliners connect with consumers at eye-level and allow national brands to communicate at a very local level.


Taking messages directly to drivers and passengers. Rears gives clients the chance to engage with audiences when they have time to read and absorb messages.

interior panels

The steady and continued increase in bus passenger numbers means our interior products are a great platform to engage and communicate with a large and growing audience.

special display

Completely unique and creative executions from animation, illumination or twinkly LEDs to wrapping seats and stairwells or Bluetooth enabled ‘Content Buses’.

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