Thursday, 11 November 2010

Brand name ideas...

Since deciding what to do, and focusing on creating my 'hero' profiles... currently working on photoshop with my new Lorraine skills with masks and layers to create photographs of people on their own without backgrounds (which I am getting to grips with slowly but steadily).
Whilst talking to a couple of my peers in the class about a few ideas for my branding/logo to put everything into perspective and for people to put what I am trying to say into a bigger picture, I have decided I need a brand name/logo which will be completely self-explanatory (true graphic design style).
This is where I started to think... I do need to include the word hero in it.
Be a hero?
Could you be a hero?
When will you become a hero?
How would you become a hero?
What to do to become a hero?
Don't be a zero?
Don't be a zero, be a hero?
Zero to hero?

These were a few names we tackled on the way... I will upload my design sheet.
Zero to Hero is what I am going with for the moment, I am going to play around with the wording and logo and see what looks best.
I want to come up with a lot of different combinations before I find the one perfect for what I am trying to do.

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