Tuesday, 2 November 2010


For the designs, I feel that song lyrics with the word 'hero' was a good place to start for the type I will use...
Obvious, but straight to the point. They also need to be recognisable. Lyrics which people will know and think about. I want them to ask "why are those lyrics there"... to recognise them and almost sing the given song in their head.
My favourite ones so far are...
"I can be your hero"
"Let me be your hero"
"A hero lies in you"
"And then a hero came along"
"Search for the hero inside yourself"
"I need a hero"

I feel that these will have the required impact and are to the point.

Following this research I want to delve deeper into lyrics that I could use... I will design a few mock-ups using these... but I want to make it more complex, cleverer if you will. Adding depth by using clever lyrics which will make people think more about what I am trying to promote...

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