Thursday, 4 November 2010

Feedback from Lorenzo - Small informal crit.

So there I was, having a mini graphic design breakdown... completely stuck and overloaded with information... but was it the right research I was doing?
I have been looking into different acts of heroism on the underground, a valid place of danger, where no-one feels completely at ease.
Looking into different groups of people who have helped, people who take it upon themselves to do good and help people in these situations.
So what am I trying to promote if it has already been done?
Am I taking this whole thing too seriously? Should I add an aspect of humour?
I really need to get to grips with the message I am trying to get across and how I am going to go about doing this.
As you can tell... I am really confused.
In comes Lorenzo.
He told me to ask myself what I am trying to say. And spell it out really simply.

I am trying to promote acts of heroism on the underground.
Kindness... and selflessness. And completely un-premeditated.

So he asked me... what are these acts? Are some more 'heroic' than others... maybe you can grade them.
top trumps?
promoting a product?
Maybe I can package what it takes to do these acts? bravery? guts? instinct?

What I need to do now, is come up with some hero profiles to explain to people the kind of thing I am trying to promote... 10 I am thinking... then narrow it down.
I want to do some serious ones (jumping under tubes etc...), some kind ones (making someone upset smile etc...) and some humorous ones (lady with underwear stuck in skirt).
I will then decide which make the most impact and work from there.

Time to design design design.

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