Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Further ideas - 'Take Another Look' campaign at the National Portrait Gallery

The campaign - called Take another look - is designed to encourage more people to explore the wide range of portraits in the Gallery's free-admission permanent Collection and builds on research showing that its visitors enjoyed picking up unexpected facts behind the pictures.

It shows portraits of famous people, known to all, and exposes facts about them that were otherwise unknown and overseen.
This is a few of the examples.

Lily Allen
Portrait by Nadav Kander
This was the advertisement for the campaign.

Rio Ferdinand
Portrait by Mark Guthrie
Central defender
Central to England
Central School of Ballet

Alex James
Portrait by Julian Opie
Cheese maker

Viscount Nelson
Portrait by Sir William Beechey

National hero
Nautical genius
Nauseous sailor

Mary Queen of Scotts
Portrait by Nicholas Hilliard

Scottish ruler
Catholic martyr
Talented golfer

In my crit, Steph showed me this campaign as an idea generator and it has really inspired me... 
It almost exposes people for who they really are... little aspects of their lives that no-one knows or recognises them for. 
It is a really interesting concept and I would love to use aspects of it in my design work.

Chelsea fan

as an example...

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