Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thoughts on my direction...

Following the student-led crit yesterday, a few things were brought to my attention which I had to amend. They made a lot of sense, but terrified me at the same time. There I was... thinking I was all set in my idea. But when does that ever happen in graphic design ey?
I realised I had to do a lot more research into volunteers and the thinking behind it.
Look into real life volunteers who act selflessly for others trying to protect the underground and the other aspects of public transport that I want to focus on.
So that is what I have been doing... and I have discovered the the guardian angels campaign which started over in New York and subsequently came over here. However it soon died down to just two volunteers.
This could be something that I build on. Promoting acts of selflessness through an organisation similar to this campaign?!
Use the actual 'guardian angel' idea... almost asking people to selflessly turn into a guardian angel for a stranger?!
I need to come up with a tag-line to back up my photoshop work and also experiment on paper with what my message could be... and the layout.
Back to it!!

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