Sunday, 14 November 2010

Photographs I could use for the type... further thoughts.

These are a few more photographs that I could use in my type work.
 This photo could be really effective as it adds to the enclosed/claustrophobic aspect of the tube line. But I do not know how successful it will be behind text.
 This image is also very clearly tracks, and will work behind the text, but as with my other examples, it does not seem enclosed enough... will this matter with the type involved....?
 This shows another dimension to the idea. A close up could work quite well, but the image could be unclear with the text over the top.
 The fact that I 'really like' this photograph should not be why I use it... but I do. The red on the black and white effect is brilliant. 
 This image to me seems really sinister. Kind of what I want in my type... But I fear the quality of the image will be lost when I use the type over it...
This image is my favourite for what I want to use it for, but I have to see after some experimentation wether it will work behind the type. 

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