Thursday, 4 November 2010

'The Guardian Angels' - In the UK...

In London the Guardian Angels have been active since 1989, however, by 2007 their numbers had dwindled to a very small group of around 12, evincing very little activity. In Britain, the law requires that citizens (crown subjects) act in self-defence to use only "reasonable force" as appropriate to the situation, which leads to Guardian Angel training to centre on using the minimum possible force, and to only use force to prevent a dangerous situation from escalating. All violent crimes are reported to the police, and intervention leading to citizens' arrests (legal in Britain) or use of force is only employed in extreme cases.

Their presence in London was highly controversial in the first decade of existence, with press articles pointing out their vigilantism. In 1989, discussion in Parliament raised the possibility of American members of the Guardian Angels being declared persona non grata owing to their presence being "not conducive to the public good" but this was rejected

Maybe this is something I need to focus on. Why is it alright in America but not in our own undergrounds?
What can I add to build up the reputation in our own country?

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